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How Men Can Start Over During A Midlife Crisis

Sunday May 29, 2016

How Men Can Start Over During A Midlife Crisis

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Men and women seem to age differently – at least when it comes to how we feel at different points in our lives.

One study showed that women feel their age, or old, at 29. For men, it was 58. Whether or not a man feels old, however, doesn’t address the anxiety he might feel while entering the next phase of his life, such as turning 40.

“One of the most noticeable facts of life is change; everyone knows that life is virtually synonymous with change, yet so often change in our lives elicits anxiety, angst and other such feelings,” says Mark Zeug (http://tinyurl.com/hreyowa), a former journalist and author of “The Curse of Lost River Canyon,” a mystery featuring a protagonist who is forced to deal with personal baggage from his past while entering a new phase in life.

“For a novelist, our resistance to change and the personal issues it conjures within is dramatic gold, but, personally, that same resistance can lead us to silly places. Some guys have to buy a shiny sports car or have an extra-marital affair to feel better about a midlife crisis, for example.”

Married to the same Maui girl for 46 years, Zeug, cofounder and manager of the Aloha State Games and the Hawaii Senior Olympics, says change in life is to be embraced.

“What’s the alternative to growing old? It’s not just death; there’s also how you view your next phase in life,” Zeug says. “You are the author of your own life. Why not make it interesting?”

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