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How To Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

Sunday November 29, 2015

How To Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

Creative Activist Tells How Art Can Change Your Life


Everyone has pain; and it’s a safe bet that there are no exceptions to this rule. Whether it’s as a debilitating car accident, a traumatic occurrence during childhood or breaking up with your significant other … we could go on and on.


“Even if we’re able to appreciate how good we have it compared to the suffering of others, we cannot neglect our own internal pain that we tend to harbor throughout our lives,” says Rae Luskin, a social advocate, founder of Art and Soul Connections and The Winning Adventure and author of “The Creative Activist: Make the World Better, One Person, One Action at a Time.” Ten percent of proceeds from book sales go to Northwest CASA, an organization that provides free services to people who have been sexually assaulted.


“Having been sexually abused as a child, I’ve been through some rough patches, it was creativity – writing, drawing, painting – and service that really saved my life. It was such a successful recipe in my life that I couldn’t help but believe that it would help others.”


That recipe of creativity and services does work for others, too, says Luskin, an ambassador of peace, love and joy who has supplied artwork for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s gun-safety campaign.


“We aren’t alone; all of us suffer to a greater or lesser extend, but many do not have very good tools for coping,” she says. “That’s why I’m calling this creative activism: the process addresses the individual, but the process is open to all. It’s relevant everywhere.”


Luskin talks more about how to transform pain into purpose, and how creative activism works as a collective movement.

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