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5 Essential Building Blocks for a Thriving Work Culture

5 Essential Building Blocks for a Thriving Work Culture

‘Coolest Young Entrepreneur’ Says You First Need

To Have The Right Players

Adam Witty has managed to turn plenty of heads in the business community as founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group, an international publisher of business, self-improvement, and professional development books and online learning.

Witty, who was selected for INC Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list of “America’s coolest young entrepreneurs” in 2011, says creating the right environment is crucial for success.

You don’t have to be a business guru to recognize when a business is firing on all cylinders, that everyone is putting their skills to maximum use, working together, and actually having a good time. How to create that chemistry – that’s the question,” says Witty, the author of five books and an in-demand speaker and consultant on marketing, business development, media and publishing, and entrepreneurship topics.

Of course, you need folks with the right qualifications who are willing to bring their A-game every day – that’s crucial. But there are also character traits to look for. A positive, can-do attitude, for instance. If a person doesn’t fit in the mix, not only will he or she be less likely to bring their best, they can also compromise everyone else’s game.”

A family environment significantly facilitates that team mentality, which should also extend to clients, suppliers and other crucial components of the business, he says.

Having fun not only helps your team do well, it’s a symptom that you’re doing things right,” Witty says. “Where fun and work meet is the understanding from employees that they’re making a difference. You want a team of individuals who are motivated by the ‘why’ of what they do.”

Special Guest: Adam Witty

Founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group


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