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Help! My Boyfriend Loves His Dog More Than Me!

July 27, 2014

Help! My Boyfriend Loves His Dog More Than Me!

CEO of Leading Dog-Lover’s Dating Site Offers Tips

Dating a dog lover can present special challenges.

But waking up with a paw or a tail in your face or jockeying for a spot on the couch can seem a minor inconvenience if you think your boyfriend (or girlfriend) gives more of his (or her) heart to the dog than to you.

No couple knows that better than Kris Rotonda (dog lover) and Denise Fernandez (raised dogless). Kris had four dogs when Denise came into his life.

“Growing up, I had no idea that there were people out there who weren’t dog lovers,” Kris says. “I’ve even dated women who were downright hostile to dogs, which I simply cannot fathom since I consider my dogs to be like my children.”

How do the two strike a balance between meeting their relationship needs and  embracing Kris’ relationship with his four dogs?

The couple share some funny stories and most importantly, proven tips on keeping the romance alive and staying sane, when he loves his dogs as much as he loves you!

Special guests: Kris Rotonda & Denise Fernandez

Find more tips on the topic at Kris’ dog-loving singles’ dating website, www.youmustlovedogsdating.com

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