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What Makes Us Perpetually Uneasy and Unsatisfied With Life?

Sunday March 8, 2015

What Makes Us Perpetually Uneasy and Unsatisfied With Life?

Spiritual Therapist and Rabbi Says Our Modern Condition Continues to Mislead Millions Am I doing the right thing? I should be making more money. Is this relationship going anywhere? Serious money on a workshop I got nothing out of … There’s still no fun in my life. Why can’t I make new friends? What’s the point to all this? Such is the mental chatter and emotional upset many of us suffer on a daily basis. What’s causing this inner turmoil and how do we remedy it?

If a person focuses largely or exclusively on material well-being, then their existence is limited to “survival consciousness,” says Rabbi Steven A. Fisdel, author of “The Meditation Practice Within Kabbalah,” a book that explores mysticism in Judaism and the importance of spiritual experience.

Being so closely identified with strictly material needs leads to ‘existential fear,’ the destabilizing sense that without material security life lacks meaning, he says.

“The materialist focus induces a survival fear, which results in emotional unrest and mental instability,” he says. “If caught in this fear, one becomes more distracted from the pure ebb and flow of life experience. I have devoted my life to redirecting people’s consciousness to the spiritual level from which physical life and all of its complex beauty, its meaning and significance, resides.”

Rabbi Fisdel’s teaching and writings center on explaining the wisdom of the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and on illustrating its practical application in elevating and imparting meaning to day-to-day experience. The objective of Kabbalah is to deepen one’s connection to ones Higher Self and to the Divine, thereby fostering spiritual growth and development.

“Kabbalah deals with ancient esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between the finite and the infinite,” he says. “Meditation is the spiritual gateway to understanding the deep wisdom of the Kabbalah, because it is the key to the mystic experience underlying it.”

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