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Teaching kids about life through the game of chess

Sunday April 26, 2015

Teaching kids about life through the game of chess…

With all of the recent news on police shootings, and controversy surrounding them, it is refreshing to have someone taking positive measures.

Orrin Hudson’s life is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth, and his latest project is to take on the task of teaching peace – both teaching police forces how to build positive relationships with their communities, and teaching youth how to survive interactions with police, even if the officer is in the wrong.

Orrin is making a tremendous difference, one community at a time.  He is about to begin touring the country, to work with youth, parents, police departments, organization, and schools, to both educate, and to stop the nonsense.

Orin Hudson is a former law enforcement officer and now founder of Be Someone Inc., an organization focused on teaching young people, many of them at-risk youngsters,  the principles of success and personal responsibility using the game of chess.  He is the one of the world’s foremost authorities in teaching young people how to think like a champion and make every move count.

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Orin Hudson


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