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Do You Worry a lot?

Sunday September 21, 2014

Do You Worry a lot?

“Knock fear out of the driver’s seat and take control of your own life through simple, proven strategies.”

There always seems to be plenty to worry about, and worry we do—from nagging concerns to full-blown anxiety. It’s time to stop worrying and instead create a more peaceful, powerful, and purposeful life.  Just what the doctor ordered for all those who suffer the devastating effects of constant worry and anxiety.

Our special guest next week is Kathryn Tristan, a scientist who overcame the problem herself.  It’s all in her new book,  “Why Worry”  which empowers you to break free from constant fear, worry, and anxiety.  Eliminate automatic doomsday thinking and take back control of your own life.

Join us and discover the secrets to a worry-free existence, including how to: Recognize and eliminate inner trash talk and negative thinking that we do to ourselves, •Discover calm during chaos.

Click HERE to get the book!

Special Guest: Kathryn Tristan


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