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Are We Doing Enough To Help Veterans?

Sunday October 4, 2015


Are We Doing Enough To Help Veterans?


Vet Shares Effects Of War, How It Changes Those Involved & His Advocacy Efforts


Whether we’re talking Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam or other service for the military, veterans are often not getting their due, says decorated former Marine and Vietnam veteran Westley Thomas.


“The United States military is filled with patriotic service members who are eager to serve their country; it’s also one of the largest bureaucracies in history, so it’s easy to get lost in the system,” he says. “Arguably, those who have fought and suffered deserve more, yet even when they’re promised special help, they don’t always receive it.”


Mental traumas such as PTSD can be hard to live with, and keeping track of the bureaucracy’s finer details, documents and contingencies can be a challenge. Or, vets may simply be indifferent and too lost in depression to care about services available to them.


“War changes everyone who participates in it, including those who are the closest to the vet – immediate family and especially spouses,” says Thomas, whose novel, “A Hard Decision”  deals with the extensive changes that occur in relationships after returning home from war.


Westley discusses life post-war, how he advocates for veterans’ rights and what we may consider as a society in giving back to our service men and women.


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Westley Thomas.


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