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How Backward Are We As A Civilization?

Sunday April 20, 2014

How Backward Are We As A Civilization?
Stone Tool Survivalist Says People
Don’t Like To Have Their Beliefs Challenged

Jeb Taylor finds the world he’s leaving to his granddaughter, Olive, a very troubling one, especially when considering …

•  97 percent of climate scientists say global warming/climate change is really happening now and, as a civilization, we’re doing next to nothing about it.

  Various experts, including acclaimed Stanford Martin Hellman, estimate the chances of a nuclear detonation (attack) in the next 10 years at 10 to 30 percent.

  GMOs (genetically modified organisms), which fundamentally, artificially changes the nature of food, has unknown effects on our biology.

  A few major corporations, including Monsanto and Dupont, threaten to own the majority of food production with copyrighted DNA and herbicide.

  Overpopulation + unsustainable practices = recipe for disaster!

“Most people are not only content with the status quo unless they’’re directly, negatively affected; they also despise being confronted with rational, empirical evidence that contradicts their beliefs,” says Taylor, author of “Saving Civilization,” who has learned to survive in the wilderness for several years at a time with stone tools and aboriginal methods.

“What really gets me is the adult who tells their children and grandchildren, as if with a pedagogical, pedantic finger in the air, that it’s up to his or her generation to fix the problems created by previous generations. This is a prevalent attitude, and for those of us who are part of those earlier generations, it should anger and shame us.”

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