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As Veterans Day Approaches, A Few More (Surprising) Reasons To Be Grateful

Sunday November 2, 2014

As Veterans Day Approaches,

A Few More (Surprising) Reasons To Be Grateful

200 Years of Invasions Have Shaped Our Lives

In Unexpected Ways

U.S. troops and military invasions have shaped our world in surprising ways, says this military historian who has documented American invasions great and small and their effects. The recent bombings in Syria bring to 85 countries – of the 194 recognized by the United Nations – that the U.S. has invaded or fought in, Kelly adds. The only countries we haven’t been militarily involved with are Andorra, Bhutan and Liechtenstein.

Our first major invasion – of Colombia in 1741 – helped George Washington to name his home at Mount Vernon,” says Christopher Kelly, co-author of the new book, “America Invades,” www.americainvades.com.

A Swedish-American connection in World War II helped America develop its love for pizza. And Gen. Patton saved the Lipizzaner stallions!”

What are some more of the surprising revelations he and co-author Stuart Laycock uncovered in their research?

Special Guest:  Christopher Kelly


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