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The Locator: Finding Lost Loved Ones

Sunday November 23, 2014

The Locator: Finding Lost Loved Ones

Troy Dunn has an impressive track record for locating people, from finding birth parents to finding organ donors.
Known to audiences across the country as “The Locator,” Troy Dunn, is a professional people finder who has found more than 40,000 missing relatives, long-lost friends and biological parents during the last 20 years.

In 1990 Dunn helped his own mother (who was adopted as a baby) locate her biological family, and that single event inspired him and his business partner at the time to build an organization that did one thing: Help people reunite with long-lost friends and family members.
“APB With Troy Dunn” documents the work he does, which was previously filmed for WE TV’s five-season run of “The Locator.” A more modern twist in “APB,” however, allows TNT viewers to use a social media app to contribute to Dunn’s mission of bringing families and loved ones back together.

Special Guest: Troy Dunn



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