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Daughter’s Mystery Illness Inspires – GlobalPrayerPartners.com

Sunday May 17, 2015

Daughter’s Mystery Illness Inspires “GlobalPrayerPartners.com” — to Provide a Way for People Who Are Suffering Worldwide to Ask & Receive Prayers Immediately

Never Before Have Kickstarter and Spirituality Merged Together to Bring Such a
Life-Changing Service to Humanity!

Site to Launch on June 15

Sheila Gale was stunned. Her daughter was waging a battle against a prolonged mystery illness-wasting away in the hospital attached to tubes and wires. Miserable to see her daughter endure such suffering, the longtime host of the hugely popular
The Sheila Show, reached out to her listener base for a desperate favor in the form of prayers. Inundated with responses, she read them to Natasha–all 450 of them–and within 48 hours, her daughter was healed and on her way home!

It was this remarkable experience that inspired GlobalPrayerPartners.com, a website to unite people who need prayers with those who are so willing to offer them.

special guest:

Sheila Gale



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